Treat Yo’ Self, February Edition

Happy Wednesday!

February’s Treat Yo’ Self is definitely comfort motivated and less style conscious to be honest with you. I am constantly either at work or in uni so I haven’t really treated myself to any real fashion forward pieces. I apologise if that’s what you were hoping to see! Hopefully next month will be more style driven. I considered not doing a Treat Yo’ Self this month but I thought someone might see something they like so it’s worthwhile for that reason.


Levi’s Line 8 Revolver Black Skinny Jeans – A classic staple. My thighs rip so many jeans so I’ve had to replace another pair of Joni jeans so I thought I’d invest in a better quality pair of staple skinnies.

Levi’s Logo Tees – On the same trip to Levi’s, I picked up a couple of basic tees just to wear under hoodies and things in uni. I also picked these up as they will be cute for lazy days under a pleather jacket when the weather warms up a bit.

Zara Frilled Sweatshirt – This is definitely a marmite purchase. I am drawn to weird pieces that most people would leave on the shelf and this is one of them. I wasn’t sure how much I’d wear this when I picked this up but I’ve been literally living in it recently.

Blue AC/DC TeeLong Sleeve AC/DC TeeBlack and White AC/DC Tee – All I have to say is I’ve gone a bit overboard on the AC/DC front.

Forever 21 Distressed Hoodie – A comfort piece. I have also been living in this recently, I love pairing it under a denim jacket with a pair of converse for ultimate comfort.

Bad Habits Embroidered Sweater – I mainly picked this up to travel to and from work in, which is what I have been doing in it. It also looks cute under a pleather jacket styled with comfy converse too!

Thank you for reading, Katie x


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