Urban Decay Full Spectrum

Happy Sunday!

This post hasn’t half been a long time coming! I’ve had this palette since Christmas and I’ve been putting off this post for so long but I’m just going to have to suck it up and tell you my real opinions on it. I really really really wanted to be head over heels in love with this palette and I wanted to be reaching for it every single day, however, as you can probably tell by the tone, I have not fallen for this palette. It’s not bad but it’s far from my favourite palette that I own.


I’ll start with the negatives so I can leave you on a high when it comes to this palette. For me, this palette lacks the creamy texture which is fabulous and perfect for blending that the naked palettes, specifically the naked smoky palette, are great for. I expected so much more since their recent formulas have been so damn good. Secondly, the pigmentation. Holy shit, I’m so disappointed with the pigments. Now I know they look good in the photos, but these swatches are far from one swipe swatches. With every other palette I have swatched previously, they have all been one swipe swatches. Just to get a good colour pay off to show you the range of colours, I had to really work my finger into the pan – not particularly impressed. Also do not even get me started on how they are on brushes, I’m sure you can only imagine!

However! There is some good points about this palette so don’t write it off just yet. The selection of colours and blendable, when they want to blend, colours. What I mean by this is that there’s three shades of each colour which is really nice for blowing out a colourful monochromatic look. Also, now that I’ve scratched the surface of this palette swatching it for this post, I feel like the pigment is slightly better, like I just feel like there was some sort of shitty coating on the top which you need to break through. I have found myself reaching for this palette since taking the photos for this post. Overall, I think this palette maybe isn’t worth the forty odd pounds price point, however I am eventually starting to enjoy using it so maybe I’ll do some more looks and maybe start to love it so I’ll keep you updated if I do.

Thank you for reading, Katie x


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