Wednesday Wishlist

Happy Wednesday!

It’s been a good god damn time since I’ve done a wishlist so I thought I’d bless you all with a very monochromatic one today. I am also dying to go on a shopping spree so this is curbing my enthusiasm until I can go and have a proper look round the shops. I love every item in this wishlist and I’m sure there will be something you’ll love too.


Maybe Baby Slogan Jumper – I love slogan tees and jumpers at the moment, they’re so damn cute and easy to wear. I spied this one on Instagram and it’ll definitely be getting added to my wardrobe as soon as pay day rolls around. There’s twenty percent off until Monday too so get in quick!

AC/DC Long Sleeved Band Tee – As some of you may be aware, I am a huge fan of AC/DC so this is a must have for me. I’m also really here for long sleeved band tees for the winter. Love it!

Loafer Mules – These are kind of a marmite item for me, some days I love them and need them and sometimes I do not like them one bit. Having said that, for the low price of £18 they might just creep into my wardrobe. Plus who can say no to a Gucci influenced item?

Embroidered Choker – The embroidery trend seems to be sticking around and I think this choker is the perfect way to incorporate the trend into your wardrobe. Subtle and cheap, what’s not to like?

Feminist Tote Bag – This is self explanatory really. I a feminist and proud!

Boutique Fur Lined Aviator – I love this coat, I have a similar version from Boohoo however it’s starting to look like it’s nearing the end of days. I prefer this one too and I know I’ll get good wear out of it. I am very tempted.

Embroidered Mesh T-shirt – Like I said, the embroidery trend seems to be sticking around for the spring so I think this would be the perfect addition. I think it would look stunning really hardened up with leather and heavy jewellery.

Thank you for reading, Katie x



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