Lusting After Luxury?

Happy Wednesday!

A couple of posts ago in my Treat Yo’ Self, January Clothing Edition I mentioned that I was holding off sharing something I have recently purchased for a different post. Well, this is said post. In January, I purchased the Coach Suffolk Patchwork Booties in the sale from the Coach website. They we’re an absolute bargain down from £325 to £113.75. I know not everyone will agree that they’re a bargain right now but by the end of this post I’m sure you’ll agree with me. The link I have added is from Nordstrom where they are almost full price still but that’s the only link I could find. My apologies if you’re desperate to get your hands on them. Basically, in this post I’m going to share my tips and tricks for making the best of splashing out that little bit more money on an item that is not necessarily luxury in the Hermes/Chanel sense but is still quite the fancy treat.


1. Cost Per Wear: When I’m thinking about really splashing out on a single item, my first thought is cost per wear. What I mean by cost per wear is basically how much use out of a single item I am going to get. If I see something lovely and fancy that would be great for one season, I’m afraid it’s not going to make it into my wardrobe. However if the item will carry me through seasons and is wearable with most of my wardrobe, it’s got a damn good chance of being purchased. Within this section, I also consider the price of the item. For example, if you buy a pair of shoes such as these for the price I did, the cost will probably come down to a couple of pounds per wear in the first year, making them completely worthwhile buying, whereas if I purchased a fancy dress for say £200 and only wore it twice, the cost per wear would be £100, making the item not really worth it. That was rambley but i’m sure you get my drift. 

2. Open A Tab: When I spy something I want to spend a lil more money on, I open a tab on my laptop and just leave it in the corner. I leave it there for a week or two and in that time I keep an eye on it, I look at the item on a daily basis to see if I really love it. If I start to ignore it or go a few days without looking at it, I simply won’t buy it. If I’m willing to forget about it for a few days, I’m not obsessed with it and it’s not worth it because I’m clearly not that bothered. This also stands for things I see in person. If I see something in person, I will not impulse purchase. I will go home and if I continue to think about it, I will open a tab and start the process again.

3. Dig Deep: The internet is your friend, don’t be afraid to search it high and low for the best deal. I always like to use the Google Shopping tool. If you don’t know what that is, it’s along the top of Google when you search just like Images and Videos. I like to find out the exact name of the item then search for it in Google Shopping. This is probably the best place for an easy comparison because it brings up most of the stockists and you can compare prices quickly. Having said that, I like to check the normal Google Search function because Google Shopping sometimes doesn’t bring up all the results. Basically, it’s a good start. 

4. Discount: On top of finding the best deal for an item, always check for discount, even check for discount on the websites that stock the item for a slightly higher price. You never know, the discount may drive it down to the cheapest option. I am currently a student so I always like to check Unidays on the off chance that they have discount on a website that stocks the item. I know they definitely do discount for House of Fraser so it’s worth a look. As well as student discount, I like to see if there’s a mailing list I can sign up for that gives you discount on your first purchase or like a page on Facebook that gives you the same benefits.

5. Points: As well as discount, I like to try and shop in places where I can collect points or put points towards a purchase. This isn’t as good as finding some sweet discount but at least it’s something else. It’s about making the most of your money. If you shop at House of Fraser you can get student discount and recognition points so I personally like to try and shop there. Having said that, if I find the item cheaper on another website, I can live without the points.

(If you’re wondering my bag is the small size, Vivienne Westwood Sharlenemania in rose gold but I can’t find a link for my exact one that is in stock so you’ll have to go on a hunt if you’re after it!)

Thank you for reading, Katie x


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