January Favourites

Happy Sunday!

I have no idea how, I’ve been blogging since bloody November and I still haven’t gotten around to doing a favourites post. Have no fear though, today, that is all about to change. Am I a real blogger now? This favourites post is a real mix and a hodge podge of things I’ve been loving throughout the first month of 2017. You never know, we might have something in common.


I’ll try and apply some method to my madness here so I’ll start with the hair and beauty section of this post. First up is the Revlon Colour Ball in shade 740. I have recently changed up my hair, my full on goth days are over, and I have had a copper ombre put through my ends. I am so obsessed with it, I feel kinda like Merida from brave and I love it. Anyway, back to the point, this is a colour conditioner that sort of revitalises the brightness of your colour. I have only used this a couple of times and it might be a placebo effect but I do really feel like it gives my colour a little bit more oomph every time I use it.

Sticking with the hair theme, I have also been loving using the Lee Stafford Coco Loco Coconut Spritz. This works like a hair oil and it smells so great. It just puts some moisture back into the hair and makes it feel softer. I like to focus this on the ends just to give my ends a new lease of life.

Next up is the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser and the corresponding moisturiser. I truly believe this has changed my skin for the better. I use these twice a day without fail and my dry skin, that I used to struggle with so much, is so much better. The only time my skin is dry now is if I’ve rolled in half cut and woken up the next day still wearing a full face of make up. I have a post that goes more in depth on Liz Earle products if you’re interested in hearing my thought on them.

In terms of makeup, I have been reaching for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette more than anything else in my collection. I am honestly so happy that I finally decided to order this palette, it has changed the warm eyeshadow look game and if you’ve been here for a while, you will know I love a warm eye look. I also have a post on this if you would like to hear more about it. I promise I’m not just writing this post to direct you back to previous posts.

We’re moving onto the miscellaneous now. One really kind of boring thing I’ve been loving is water and staying hydrated. I’m really bad for forgetting to keep myself hydrated and making sure I have a drink on hand so as part of my 2017 goals I have been taking a bottle of water with me everywhere I go. Having it on hand has really helped me remember to keep drinking. My goals are going well.

If you’ve read my What I Got For Christmas post, you’ll know that I am finally the proud owner of this amazing mini backpack. Its bloody perfect. I have been using it non stop. It’s the perfect size and it is a great combination of casual and something that little bit nicer. I have even been taking this on nights out with me. I’m obsessed with it.

Penultimately, since I am nineteen going on ninety, I have been loving wearing slippers. I was never a slippers person until last year and I was gifted this adorable pair for Christmas and now there’s not a day that goes by when I don’t wear them. I particularly like this pair as they have backs to them so they don’t fall off when you walk up the stairs. Bliss. 

Finally, I have been enjoying iZombie on Netflix. I am almost finished the first season and I’m obsessed. The basic premise is that a girl has been turned into a zombie. She works in a hospital before she is zombified so when she becomes a Zombie she goes to work in the morgue where she has a steady supply of brains. When she eats the brains of the deceased, she is able to recall some of their memories and she ends up helping a police officer solve murders. Its great, I love it, plus Liv and Ravi are the single most attractive doctoring duo you will ever lay eyes on.

Thank you for reading, Katie x


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