Treat Yo’ Self, January Clothing Edition

Happy Sunday!

As promised, I’m finally doing the sequel to my January Treat Yo’ Self post. This month , I have definitely not held back in the shopping department. New year new wardrobe right? I’m selling loads on my depop so please help a gal free up some wardrobe space to put these items in. On top of what is pictured here, I have also made a very exciting purchase that I’m holding back on to photograph for a different post so keep your eyes peeled for that. I’m also trying a different style of haul as it were this month so let me know what kind you prefer. I’m here to please. 


I’ve done my best to find links to everything in this post, however a couple I was unable to track down so please forgive me!

Olive Green Chenille Sweater – I have literally been living in this sweater ever since I bought it. It’s so comfy and cosy, perfect for this time of year. The colour is so easy to pair with everything too.

Striped High Neck Top – I have recently been after some new high neck tops since my Boohoo ones have gone extremely bobbly on me. How dare they? However I managed to pick up this one and a plain black one from Zara for less than a tenner each. Hopefully the will work out better for me.

Girl Gang Slogan Hoodie – This is such a lovely layering piece, I love teaming it with my Levi jacket for added warmth. I’m 100% a feminist too so the slogan really stood out to me. Why not promote solidarity between us ladies?

Leopard Print Jumper – I had a gander on the Mango sale and this jumper stood out to me. You don’t see many jumpers that incorporate a hint of glitter that don’t look too mumsy. I’ve been loving wearing this with pleather pants to edge it up a bit.

Striped Flare Sleeve Top – I’m trying to add some more basics into my wardrobe at the minute so this striped top is the perfect addition. It also has flare sleeves which drew me in as I thought that was a nice touch to add interest to a basic piece.

Long Sleeved Metallica Tee – The mens section in H&M is absolutely killing it for band tees at the minute. This Metallica tee is also long sleeved which is a nice change and perfect for the colder weather.

Lurex Glitter Asymmetric Frill Top – I saw Megan Ellaby styling this recently in a haul and it gave me all the eighties vibes that I am so obsessed with. I managed to pick this up in the sale for less than a tenner too. Can’t be robbed ey?

Frill Front Sweatshirt – I picked this up during the Missguided 50% off all lines sale. I bought it on a whim because I thought it was quite unusual however I have been living in this as well. It looks great layered under a pleather jacket.

Faux Fur Collar Leather Jacket – Speaking of pleather jackets, I had a wander into my local Zara and immediately fell in love with this jacket. I love the fit of Zara biker jackets and they’ve killed it again with this one from the new collection.

Layered Necklace – I spotted this in the Missguided sale for £3.75 and I couldn’t say no. I’m an absolute sucker for mixed metals and chunky necklaces.

Leopard Sneakers – These were another sale purchase. I picked these up mainly because I’ve been looking for more quick slip on shoes as my boyfriend has my life for how long it takes me to put shoes on. I thought these were a bit different and still neutral enough to wear with almost everything.

Thank you for reading, Katie x



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