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Happy Sunday!

Shocker, Katie lost decent lighting before she got the chance to take blog photos again, what’s new? As a result of this, I’m improvising for today and I’m going to do a list of YouTubers that have helped evolve and inspire my makeup in recent times. I have picked my current five faves. This is in no particular order and I’m sure you’ll have heard of most of these people and this is nothing new to you but this is the best I can do today. Forgive me please! 

Tina Halada – This gal is so god damn talented, she’s fifteen, yes fifteen, and she’s so incredible at what she does. I’m so envious. I can only aspire to be this good at makeup. I really love Tina’s looks because they all tend to be very warm and I love warm looks so much. They’re my favourite go to. I struggle to watch people who are lacking a special something and Tina is definitely not one of those people.

James Charles – I’m 100% sure that James isn’t new to any of you but I’m head over heels for James and his talent. The first male CoverGirl at only seventeen, how could I do a list such as this without including him. I love James because he does everything from simple everyday boy glam to drag looks. He’s so amazing and so inspiring. His personality also doesn’t disappoint, I’d definitely like to hang out with James and pick his brains for tips. In addition, James has also helped me develop my eyebrows somewhat in that he recommends you use a handheld mirror from above when filling in your eyebrows to give them lift. Honestly, he’s changed the game.

Caito Potatoe – The eyebrow queen of New Zealand, Caito had to be included in this list. I love Caito because she creates the kinds of monochromatic looks that I absolutely love. She’s also incredibly talented, creative and adventurous. She’s given me the confidence to leave the house in a navy lip and totally rock it. Not to mention that her accent and overall energy had me sold from the very first video I watched of hers. She’s also just as Jeffree Star Cosmetics obsessed as I am so I can’t fault her one bit.

Jeffree Star – Speak of the devil. obviously had to include the man himself. As far as Jeffree’s makeup artistry and YouTube channel go, I love him. He creates very out there looks that feature a lot of his own products and a lot of ridiculously hyped products. I very much appreciate this because I have come to trust his opinion on these products because he really does only recommend the good ones. Also I’ve never seen someone with such flawless skin in my entire life so the man definitely knows his stuff.

Nikkie Tutorials – I had to include the glowing goddess that is Nikkie Tutorials. Her versatility is incredible, her talent is incredible and her personality is incredible. Out of everyone featured in this list, I have been watching Nikkie for the longest. She’s truly stunning and she was one the one that moved me away from using a naked palette every single day of my life. She changed the game and I’ve never looked back.

Paint Me Bitch – I had to include an honourable mention and this one goes to my favourite queen, Willam. This is an honourable mention as this is a playlist rather than a channel that is dedicated to beauty. Paint Me Bitch is a series in which Willam is painted by various different queens and make up artists. I love this series as great variety of incredible artists have taken part so there’s plenty of fascinating tips and tricks to pick up on for a huge variety of makeup styles. I also adore Willam, as you already know, so it seemed wrong to not include this series in this post.

Thank you for reading, Katie x


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