Last Minute Gift Guide Week: Stocking Fillers

Happy Wednesday!

It’s the end of the first week in December and it’s the final day of LMGGW which means normal service will be resumed on Sunday. I won’t lie to you, I was starting to run out of ideas for this one so in the end I decided to compile a list of gifts that are less than a tenner each for those who are looking for the icing on the cake so to speak to add to an almost complete gift box.


Smartphone 3D Visualiser – I have no idea how this works but the idea is so cool.

Luckies Scratch Map – For the globetrotter.

Kids V Adults – Something’s got to cause an argument on Christmas day, right?

Tatty Devine Mint Wash Bag – Could be considered girly but I personally think anyone would be happy to receive this.

Milk Chocolate Spoon with Marshmallows – No one’s going to complain about a fancy hot chocolate over the Christmas period.

Pop! Vinyl Figure – Choose someone’s favourite character to join them on their desk. I obviously had to go for Jillian Holtzmann as an example.

Thank you for reading, Katie x


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