Last Minute Gift Guide Week: Brother

Happy Sunday!

We’re at the half way point of LMGGW! How on earth is this week going so fast? Its time to buy your brother’s Christmas box and Christmas is getting closer by the day so hopefully there’s something he’ll like in this list. As you may know by now, I’ve kept this as typical and generic as possible.


Laser Tag – This would be super fun to play on Christmas day after a few bevs.

Nando’s 7 Sauce Set – Because lads love Nando’s, right?

Game of Kings – A drinking game set that I can only assume is a fancy version of Ring of Fire.

Power Bank – For the technology obsessed.

Carhartt Beanie –  A safe option for buying your brother something to wear.

Book of Hangovers – Even I’d appreciate this gift, any suggestions to cure a hangover are very welcome! Very handy for Boxing day too.

Immerse Plus Virtual Reality Smartphone Viewer Headset – These seem to be the it gift this year.

Dick Mug – Sometimes you just need to express your true feelings.

Air Amp – Amplifies smartphones and is the perfect cable tidy. An excellent stocking filler.

Thank you for reading, Katie x


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