Last Minute Gift Guide Week: Dad

Happy Friday!

Day two of LMGGW and it’s your dad’s turn today. Again, I’ve done my best to keep this general and affordable. I’ve included some gadgety bits and bobs because you know how dads love to think they’re DIY gods and love messing around with novelty technologies.


Edinburgh Preserve Steak Sauces Set – For the dad that loves to cook or just loves a good steak.

Wallet Ninja – I bought this as a gift last year and it’s one of the most used and functional gadgets I’ve ever purchased for someone. It’s the size of a credit card and has all the fun of a Swiss army knife without the danger.

Christmas Happy Socks – It wouldn’t be Christmas for dad if he didn’t receive socks from somebody. I’m not sure if these are actually for men but lets break down gender barriers ey?

Gadget Co. Heated Slippers – A traditional, kinda meh, gift with a gadgety twist.

Hairy Bikers Mug and Tea Set – What dad doesn’t like a good English brew?

World Lager Selection – Most dads love a good pint so why not posh it up a bit and get your dad a world lager gift set? I’ve bought these for lots of people as gifts before and they always go down a treat.

Dad Jokes Joke Book – Maybe he’ll take the hint and get some new material.

Thank you for reading, Katie x


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