A/W Accessories That Stole My Heart

Happy Wednesday!

Brownie points to anyone that spotted the extremely poor pun (get it because stole, like a fur stole and stole my heart. Just me? Dust? Okay, fair enough!) in the title as today I will be rambling on about some accessories I have been head over heels for recently. I’m not usually as into accessories as I have been lately and it’s getting to the point where I’m going to have to start doing the thing where you take one item off before you leave the house. I’m utterly obsessed. Every outfit over the past few weeks has just been upstaged by some damn good accessories. I’m not mad about it.


I’ll start from left to right as that seems like the most logical way to do this. First up is this double western belt from Boohoo. As you can probably tell, I love me some Boohoo. I’ve had this belt for ages and its been a wardrobe staple for quite some time. I love to wear it with high waisted jeans, it just brings a whole outfit together and you look like you’ve spent more time and effort getting dressed.

Next is chokers, I’ve featured two of my current faves. The black one is just a lacey one I picked up in Primark for next to nothing. If you’re not near a Primark anytime soon this one from Forever 21 is pretty similar. Another current fave is this statement rose gold number. It’s a little bit of a pain in the arse to take off, especially after a couple of alcoholic bevs. 

I’ve had this Primark fedora for a couple of years and I dust it off every time autumn rolls around. This one from Boohoo or this one from Forever 21 are pretty similar and very affordable. Would recommend for days that aren’t very windy.

Until recently, I thought that pom pom earrings were such a mistake but I bought a pair from Boohoo on a whim and now they’re a firm favourite. I take my scepticism back. The ones I have are sold out now but Asos have this pair which are basically the same.

Finally, the item that stole the show. Yes I am still pushing this pun. I picked this up recently, again in Primark, for only seven pounds. Bargain. I was going to pick this one up from Forever 21 but after spotting a very similar one in Primark, it was a no brainer. It is such good quality for the price as well, I’m impressed.

Thank you for reading, Katie x

PS. Starting tomorrow, December first, it’s last minute gift guide week and there will be a post at 9pm every day this week!


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