Otherworldly Eyeshadow

Happy Wednesday!

Personally, I am an absolute eyeshadow junkie and recently I was drawn in by a lovely sales girl at Models Own. She showed me around the counter, asking me what kinds of make up looks I like to create on a day-to-day basis. Meanwhile, I was rocking a similar look to the one I posted on Wednesday, did she really have to ask? She pointed out lots of lovely new items that the brand has started selling, and with 20% off, I couldn’t resist. This wasn’t the only item I picked up but I think it might just be my favourite. Plus, at £14.99 before discount, I just had to pick up their Supernatural palette.


I’ve only used this palette a couple of times but so far I have been pretty impressed, especially for the price. I have been particularly impressed by the shimmers as I have found them to be quite pigmented with only one swipe, especially Curse, so stunning! The shimmers are also very easy to build and blend together. Also, who doesn’t love a good shimmer?

In terms of the matte shades, I have been less impressed with those. They’re not bad but I don’t find them to be as pigmented as I would like. Having said that, I wasn’t expecting them to be the best considering you get ten shades for such a low price. I do have an affection for Mystic, however, as I think it’s a pretty decent dupe for Courtney from the Jeffree Star Beauty Killer palette, and that’s saying something! 

To me the packaging of this palette corresponds with the price, in that it does feel light and cheap to pick up. It’s pretty but cheap. However, it does come with a mirror and a double ended eyeshadow brush, which is more than can be said for some higher end eyeshadow palettes, *cough* Kylie. Overall, this palette was an absolute bargain and I would recommend it to a friend.

Thank you for reading, Katie x


8 thoughts on “Otherworldly Eyeshadow

  1. I actually don’t care if the packaging is meh–because those colors are absolutely killer! They are so pigmented, especially phenomenon and curse– and the names are wondrous! So macabre. I love shimmery, witchy colored eye shadows, especially for this time of year, and I especially love it when they have good names, so this seems like something I would actually buy.



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