Treat Yo’ Self, November Edition

Happy Sunday!

I am a self-confessed shopaholic, and fan of Parks and Rec, so I’ve decided I’m probably going to be doing a monthly “Treat Yo’ Self” blogpost or haul as most people would call it. Before I go any further, I must apologise for the appalling photo quality at the minute, especially within this post as my camera cable has decided to go walkabout the very week I decide to start blogging. How bloody convenient! I’ll do my best to give you a decent description of the items and I’ll add a link to each piece so you can have a proper look.


This month I’ve definitely been feeling the more comfy and casual vibes so the aim of these online buys was very much comfort driven. All the items are from Missguided or Boohoo so they are all very affordable plus there are some fab deals on at the minute so have a peek and snap some fab bits up while you have the chance.

First up is a cropped AC/DC t-shirt from Boohoo. I love me some AC/DC and I thought the fact it was cropped was a nice change from my usual band tees. I honestly can’t wait to wear it and I’m sure it will never be off my back to be honest.

I paired the aforementioned with this lovely Missguided mesh insert maxi skirt. You can’t see the mesh panel in my horrendous webcam photo, however it sits just above the knee and it gives it that slightly pretty goth vibe thats perfect for this season. It also gives some Angelina Jolie leg action which makes a short gal look a little bit taller, win. I can’t wait to wear this with the t-shirt I’ve paired it with here, some docs or maybe even silver chelsea boots and a biker jacket.

I’m not usually one for hoodies but let me explain myself, on the Missguided website the model was wearing this grey hoodie with a pair of pleather biker trousers which made it look like there was a tad more effort put into the outfit as a whole. I was convinced at the time but I’ll see how it goes, I’ll most likely end up wearing it just to go to work knowing me.

Next is this metallic roll neck top from Boohoo. Metallics are very in again this season and plus the party season is just around the corner so the more glitter the better. I mainly picked this up as an easy option to throw on with jeans and boots for a night out.

I saw Megan Ellaby wearing a pair of black velvet trousers and I fell in love with her idea to dress them down so I just had to pick a pair up. I don’t know how much I’m going to wear them yet but I’m excited to see how they look with a pleather jacket and some converse. They feel like pyjamas on so I can’t wait for that ultimate comfort to ease the pain of the dreaded 9am lecture.

Next is a Madonna t-shirt from Boohoo. No one can tell me they don’t enjoy Madonna plus it has a hint of purple in it, another key colour for this season, so I had to have it. Absolute queen!

Finally, I’ve just about come round to the lace up t-shirt trend and wanted to give it a go. I’m honestly not totally convinced on this as a whole but it was black, aka very much in my comfort zone, and the discount on Missguided gave me that little nudge I needed to try it out. I’ll let you know how it goes.

My god that was a long-winded rambly post, apologies!

Thank you for reading, Katie x


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