Pink To Make The Boys Wink

Happy Wednesday!

I am by no means a make up artist, as you can tell quite evidently from the photo of this look, but I do love to try my hand at it. I’ve recently come round to playing with colour rather than rocking a nude look all the bloody time. Pink has somehow become one of my favourite colours to play with so I’m hoping this might inspire someone to get out of their comfort zone, just like I did. I know this doesn’t look particularly wearable but I find that teaming it with all black or leopard print is a great way to style this pretty bold make up.


I won’t bore you with the details of foundation and base and I’ll keep it to the interesting bit. To be honest, by now I’m pretty sure we all have our own favourite bases and whatnot. To create this look I used:

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Masochist – a lovely berry toned hot pink

Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette – using shades; China White, Courtney and Star Power

Models Own Supernatural Palette (review to come) – using shade Curse

Jeffree Star Skin Frost – Using shades Peach Goddess and Ice Cold

Urban Beauty United Tapered Blending Brush #35  – Came as part of a cheap brush set that I can’t recommend enough. I wasn’t going to say anything about it but it’s honestly my favourite blending brush of all time. It washes great, it hasn’t shed and the set for three brushes is £6. Honestly, just pick it up, it will change your life.


To create this smokey pink number, I started by adding China White to the brow bone as a subtle highlight. I then went in with a blending brush using Courtney from the crease to China White, blending the edges together. I then used a crease brush and added Star power to the crease, which I then blended with Courtney. Using Curse, I shaded the entire lid. I then took Star Power again on a blending brush and blended Curse up to the crease. I feel like I’ve said blended too much, moving on. I used Curse to line the bottom lash line then took an angled brush and Masochist to line the water line. I know this sounds scary but all of Jeffree Star’s liquid lipsticks are eye safe. PSA to contact wearers – It will dye your contact lens but it doesn’t affect your vision in the slightest. I also added black winged liner and black mascara which I literally do every single day of my life.


Lips are pretty simple but I used Ice Cold to highlight the cupids bow before applying my lipstick. I then applied Masochist all over the lips. These lipsticks are so easy to apply that you don’t really need to add a lip liner. I’m really bad at applying lipstick and I don’t find I need it so you honestly should be fine,


I’ve added this just so I can rave a little bit about Jeffree Star’s Skin Frosts. I have three in my collection now and I love them all so much. With this look I used Peach Goddess and Ice Cold. I like to highlight my cheekbones, nose and cupids bow with Ice cold then I like to use Peach Goddess between the highlight on my cheekbone and my contour. This just adds a nice transition and extra glow. Everyone’s about the glow these days.

Thank you for reading, Katie x


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